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study - mocha walls - stainmaster carpet - windows - deskThe color or design on the walls significantly impacts the way you feel about any given room. A baby’s room demands a fresh new color that welcomes him or her into the world. A living room should be warm and welcoming, with complementary flooring, walls, furniture, and lighting. When you’ve decided to refresh your home, it helps to go to a home improvement store that puts its customers first.

Count on us for a great selection of wallpaper and paint in Franklin Square, NY. Our experienced sales professionals are happy to listen to your goals, needs, and restrictions, and to offer products and services that account for every item on your agenda. Expect quality products, superior customer service, and the best overall value in home improvements when you choose our store.

The Benefits of Investing in Quality Interior Paint

Your choice of paint adds significance to any home improvement project you take on. Visit us for many glorious colors and the attentive service you expect to move with confidence about your makeover project.

Depend on us for interior paint that appeals to your sense of style and performance. We offer a variety of paint brands that appeal to all types of sensibilities. Among our inventory, we are a trusted provider of Tribute by Kilz®. This line of interior paint has a reputation for quality, versatility, and longevity. This brand comes pre-mixed with primer, so you can begin applying the first coat with minimal preparation. This paint is also easy to maintain, as these paints can be scrubbed and cleaned without losing luster.

Choosing what type of paint you want in your home is not always easy. Would a flat finish paint, an eggshell finish paint, or something glossier be right for your walls? Trust our pros to advise you on how each product will look and perform. We’ll make sure your choice meets or exceeds your expectations.

Kilz Tribute Paint Bucket - Eggshell Kilz Tribute Paint Bucket - Hero Matte Finish Kilz Tribute Paint Bucket - Satin Finish

Your Source for Tribute by Kilz Paint 

Elevate the brilliance of any room with our selection of Tribute by Kilz® paint. The Tribute line has earned
Tribute Paint by Kilz
a reputation for quality and longevity. Its vibrant and bold colors are matched only by its h igh-performance and versatility. Tribute paints come pre-mixed with primer, which means that you can begin applying that first coat right after opening the can.
Also, walls treated with these products can so easily be scrubbed and cleaned without losing their luster or color. So when you want to create a room that is attractive and ready for everyday activities, Tribute by Kilz is always the smart choice.

Also a Trusted Source for Wallpaper

When you want wall covering that offers an intriguing design and superior longevity, it’s hard to go wrong with a stylish wallpaper. Count on us for a great selection of wallpaper types, including traditional and contemporary designs as well as paintable wallpaper.

As important as your choice of wallpaper is, it’s important to remember that installation is just as (if not more) important. Uneven installation wastes time and materials. To ensure the best results, you’ll want to trust the job to the professionals.

Rely on us to do your wallpaper installation right the first time. Our experienced professionals take all the precautions to ensure your walls are properly prepared for the job, treating your property with the respect you deserve. Expect quality artistry, attention to detail, and walls you’ll enjoy for many years to come.



Contact us for any questions you have about our paint or wallpaper products and services. We proudly serve Franklin Square, New York, and the surrounding area.

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