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Flooring America is locally owned and operated by regional experts. By shopping at Flooring America, you’re supporting your community, and you’ll enjoy personalized service that you won’t find elsewhere.

At Perry’s Flooring America, our mission is to bring people and floors together!  We’ve selected hundreds of different styles, textures, and colors of flooring and brought them to our location so you won’t spend needless hours hunting them down all over town (and beyond!). 

In addition to carrying virtually every category of flooring, we also feature green, sustainable products for the eco-conscious consumer.  Choose from hardwood, carpet or linoleum that are all responsibly harvested, manufactured and recycled when retired from use.  For the family-minded, select from carpet and vinyl choices in our H2O collection.  Waterproof and durable, these products are both kid- and pet-friendly, to help you through the “wonder” years!  Fashion-forward shoppers will find our product lines are constantly updated to reflect the newest trends in style and color.  We also stock budget-friendly flooring materials in the most popular looks.

So, please, explore our website.  It is designed to inform and inspire as you research your upcoming project.  Once you have some ideas, let’s connect!  In addition to our regular hours, we can accommodate your needs by offering appointments during off hours, at the project site, or in our store.  We’re excited to collaborate with you. Using our expertise and your unique approach, we want to help bring your vision to life.  

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Perry's Flooring America

Proud To Be Locally Owned

When you support a store that is locally owned and operated like ours, you know that we understand your needs better and will take care of you at every step. You know you can trust us with your home improvement projects because your neighbors have — just read their reviews.

Empowering Communities

We’re proud to be part of a strong cooperative that invests in our community, sustains family businesses, bolsters our local economy, and supports friends and neighbors.

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We Provide A Better Shopping Experience.

By coming together, local Flooring America stores are also able to benefit their customers with resources they wouldn’t have individually. They have access to an extensive selection of the finest flooring available, including hardwood, carpet, luxury vinyl, tile, laminate and more. Incredible buying power makes it possible to offer these high-quality floors at surprisingly affordable prices.

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Perry's Flooring America

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Franklin Square, NY 11010


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